lauren (spear_thrower) wrote,

hi again

hmm...perhaps i should provide an update, seeing as how everyone else seems to be doing so as well. i assure you that this entry has nothing to do with exam-study-evasion. nothing at all.

exams, you say? that's right. i have exactly three exams left of my undergraduate career. very exciting, no? the million-dollar question comes next, as we all know. "what are you going to do after you graduate?"

the answer is fairly vague. i have a job in montreal through the end of august (which, coincidentally, is when my student visa expires). if the fates smile upon me, i may be able to find some sort of employment ici a montreal for the following year. if not...back to minneapolis to regroup briefly. maybe save a little money by living with (gulp) my parents, although this is not the most attractive option. and then, who knows? grad school is not in the picture for me right now, as the thought of more classes, essays, and exams makes me die a little on the inside. working abroad is actually at the top of my list--i've thought about australia (in an ideal world, i would stumble across the $2000 needed for a plane ticket purely by chance, with minimal personal effort), or ireland (as i have many friends who will be in the british isles this coming fall). even france has presented itself as an option; i could be an au pair. parents are always in need of young desperate individuals to take care of their children. who cares if i lose more money than i make? who cares if the jobs i would get (bartender, fruit-picker, jillaroo) would provide little to no useful career experience?

essentially, it all boils down to me wanting to do something less-than-responsible with my life after university. i've been good 'til now. why can't i take a year or two to fuck up a bit?
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