lauren (spear_thrower) wrote,

answers to nick's questions...

1. Why is everyone in Montreal so damn attractive? Genetics? Good fashion sense? Favorable lighting? I've seen this phenomenon in person as well as heard people bring it up independently -- I figure a cultural transplant such as yourself may be able to help crack the case.

-oh, see, this one is easy. The giant illuminated cross on top of Mount Royal actually acts as a kind of beacon for hot people. (interesting trivia side-note on the cross- it turns purple every time a pope dies. no joke. i have seen it.) Actually, there is an actual theory that in the first few waves of settlers here in canada, all of the attractive prostitutes decided to stay in Montreal. I have no idea whether this is true or not, but it sure would make sense. other thoughts, for the McGill community...its probably because most people spend all their time at the gym, and all their money on fancy clothes. Long story short, though, living in MTL is quite the humbling experience. i will never be as well-groomed/fashionable/gorgeous as these people, no matter how long i stay.

2. Having departed our fair city some years ago, what things about Minneapolis have you come to miss (if any)?

-al's breakfast. actually, i missed things a lot more when i first left...right now, though, i'm pretty much loving MTL. i miss my friends, and i do miss the lakes, trees, creek, etc. As much as I love the view of my neighbour's clotheslines and the fact that we deposit our trash on the front curb for pickup (where it is usually strewn around my doorstep instead of making its way into the garbage truck), i kind of miss cleanliness sometimes. Oh, and i miss midnight showings at the Uptown.

3. When you're out on the town, what's your typical drink of choice?

-depends on where I am. usually i choose Boreale Rousse (a red beer). it is actually my regular drink at Barfly, and Kim, the bartender, doesn't even have to ask. If i'm looking to spend a bit more money, or want a mixed drink, I'll go for sangria or a whisky sour.

4. If you could transport yourself to any time and place in history for one week, where and when would you go?

-so many to choose from....and it changes all the time. For now, though, i'm going to have to say i'd like to go on Bob Dylan's first electric tour in England. actually, let me get back to this one....i have to go to class now. ok, now that i'm back, i would like to add any time when riding horseback was the main mode of transportation, probably the american west, because it's purty.

5. How do you know Kristin Lay? I was intrigued to see that you were friends with her on Ye Olde Facebook as well.

-i have known Kristin Lay since preschool at Children's World. So, she wins the prize for being one of my oldest friends...i guess i've known her for 19 years now. that's kind of madness. you went to....armatage with her? lyndale?
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