lauren (spear_thrower) wrote,


hi guys. it's been a while.
quick update: today i made a tofu (!!!!!!!) stirfry, which wasn't completely disgusting. success. The promise of cheap, non-salmonella carrying protein is just too much for this girl to pass us.

going to see snakes on a plane tonight. Hurray!

Today was Day 2 in my 14 Day Work Week, courtesy of McGill University Residences. Pam and I got really crazy about 3:00. Maybe it was a result of the constant sugar rush that Anne provided with her pie and cookies. who knows. i'm kind of scared for what i'll be like on, say, Day 12.

Last Sunday was Sunday Number Three in my Sunday Nights Before School Starts Bluegrass Barfly Extravaganza. And quite the extravaganza it was. Even though we all had to work in the morning, we all kept drinking til, what, 2? something like that? And my friends from the Impromptu Street/Moving Parties were there too, so that was pretty awesome.
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