lauren (spear_thrower) wrote,

some letters

to whom it may concern in the apartment below me:
i know it's cool that you have a band and all, but seriously, it's midnight and you're still playing. it's really loud, and i have to sleep soon. for the love of god, don't make me go down there and bitch you out.

to whom it may concern at Hydro-Quebec:
I suggest you seriously rethink your policy of estimating people's electricity usage levels. You have billed me $220 for the past 6 weeks, two of which i was not even occupying my apartment. now i have to go into someone else's apartment to read the meter myself, and then call you. really, Hydro. that isn't my job. you should be able to take accurate readings. that's why i pay you. $200 each month, apparently. Get on that shit.

to the rat that has darted across my kitchen floor two times:
i have my eye on you. I set a trap. I have no problems with setting another. And i will not hesitate to use poison/a shotgun.

that is all.
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