lauren (spear_thrower) wrote,

happy weekend

best. st-jean baptiste. ever.

this statement really goes for the whole weekend. it was fantastic. the weekend started out with an impromptu moving/street party on thursday night with my neighbours, who are moving out at the end of the week. i had been in my apartment, finished a bottle of wine, and was contemplating buying another in order to experiment with the alcoholic writer scene. as i walked out to go to a dep, there was the sweetest sight i've ever seen: half an apartment's worth of furniture, free chips, and free beer. so i ended up chilling with them, drinking until the movers came with the truck at 1:00 am (5 hours late!), and then spent 15 minutes loading boxes. I feel this beer for moving was a good trade-off.

friday i had off. wonderful all around, as i went jogging with susa, then later on made dinner with her, watched a movie and ate pie. upon coming home later that night, i was invited to a party that my neighbours (the ones i had helped move) were having. so naturally i took them up on their offer.

saturday=st. jean baptiste. went riding, then met up with susa and charlie to commence drinking at 3:30 pm, whilst watching world cup soccer. Long story short, i drank (although not straight through) until 3:30 am. sooooo drunk i was. i went to my neighbours' again (although they weren't there, their friends were still having a party). i also received quite the battle scar- when i was coming home, someone from the party upstairs was on the balcony, and yelled at me to come to the party. of course, i was all for it. i was so excited (and drunk) that i managed to gracefully trip my way over the curb, and then a bag of garbage, onto the sidewalk, skinning my knee in the process. And because i am such a lucky person, this was in plain view of the individual inviting me to the party, who happens to be a rather attractive young man from Calgary. le sigh. he gave me more beer, and then water later on in the evening. water served in a measuring cup, because all the other ones were dirty/being packed.

and then today i hoofed it out to the west island with a brave crew of us montrealers, to go to carter's parent's house and enjoy their pool and boat/dock on the St. Laurence River. It was quite the posh and relaxing experience.

now i have to take a shower adn sleep, cause work starts again tomorrow, and there is MUCH to be done! boo-urns!
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