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i can take a hint

so i think the whole summer fling thing is over. he doesn't call me, unless it's to call me back. i'm not quite sure what happened. things seemed to be all right last friday, aside from one small incident that perhaps was larger than i realized. but i called him this week to invite him out with some friends, and he was busy. ok, fair enough. i had to go over there today to pick up bills for milena, and the interaction was pretty distant. i mean, it seemed as though i could have been some random person who had just walked into the apartment, took some bills and copies of the New Yorker, and left. he looked at me to talk to me maybe twice, and even then....i don't know. small talk even seemed to be beyond him. so i think that for other than business stuff (which i do have to be in contact with him to take care of), i will stop trying. i'm smarter than i look. i can figure this shit out. if he calls me or wants to hang out, then we'll see. beyond that, though, i don't know.
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