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j'en ai ras le bol!

Ok, montreal. Open letter.

you can stop raining. any day now. i love how it's nice out during the week, while we're all stuck inside offices. And then how it rains all weekend. And its been doing that since May. Really, it's awesome, but i am thinking we might need a little change. Just a suggestion.



and to the rest of you, hiya! i got really homesick today. i'm talking to my camp friend Brie right now online, and she is telling me all sorts of things that make me want to go home. Like, my horse at camp Lily has been made into a camper horse. This situation needs to be rectified. They're saying that she's such a good horse, they need her for campers if I'm not there to ride her. Guess why she's a good horse! because i know how to ride her! i stay out of her way!!! bah.

but you know, even though i'm homesick today, i'm pretty sure it has to do mostly with the weather. Some things are really good, such as cisco....awww....but i really don't want to bore you with details. i'm just enjoying hanging out w/ him this summer. 'nuff said.

but i'lll be back in MPLS from 5-17 July. Clear your calendars. i expect good times a-plenty.
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