lauren (spear_thrower) wrote,

pouring water on a drowning (wo)man

so it's been raining for the past 9 days, in one way or another. i hereby declare that i am sick of it. don't get me wrong. it was all fun and games at first. "ooh, look at how green the trees and grass are getting!" and other such statements came to mind when the rainy season started. It was a good excuse to stay inside and watch movies and Arrested Development on DVD (by the way, nicole smith, i'm officially addicted. i might need an intervention soon). But now it's gone too far. That's it, Montreal weather. Call off your dogs. it's fucking supposed to be summer!
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No one can resist the power of Arrested Development! Mwa-ha-ha-ha! Intervention, shmintervention. Just embrace the obsession. Embrace it!

And by the way, it might be rainy now, but the next stage of Montreal spring/summer is crazy heat. So, be prepared. As we all know, whatever Montreal does, it does in abundance.
indeed, this is true. both the comments regarding Arrested Development and montreal weather. I'm preparing for the weather by looking for nice flowy comfortable skirts to wear to work.

my only question is this, Nicole: what were you doing posting at 4:38 am??? were you out galivanting until all hours of the night???????

by the way, do you know how much a train ticket to Toronto costs? i'm thinking a trip might be in order at some point this summer.
It wasn't 4:38 am! It was only 12:38! I think your clock must be set on some weird time zone, friend. I only wish I'd been out galivanting. Trust me, my life's a lot more boring than that.

Yay, trip to Toronto! I actually don't know how much a ticket costs, since I do the 6-pack/ISIC card thing. I've heard a stand-alone trip is kinda pricey, but you can check for yourself over at -- also, bussing it is always an option. Less classy, I'll admit, but usually cheaper (if that's indeed a factor for you).